Drones On Construction Sites

After reading an article about using drones on construction sites, I was excited yet a little bit anxious.

Using drones for inspections, job site progressing, and documentation would be a nice bonus. Being able to get into areas easily that might require ladders, lifts, or scaffolding would help out a lot.  Doing inspections to roofs or areas that require specialized personal protective gear would become easy and routine. And let’s not forget, sewer inspectors use remote cameras already for the inspection of underground lines.

The body monitors were interesting also.  Being able to monitor the health of your workers, and keep them and others safer is a great tool.  I know from my time working in the field that dehydration can really hurt the safety and production of workers. Being able to monitor all of a worker’s vitals would be a benefit to the company and the worker.

I can see all these pluses. However, I really feel it could become too invasive! And where do we draw the line? Tell me your thoughts.

Oh by the way… Here is the link to the article.question mark


  1. I took progressive videos of construction of a public works project once for my own enjoyment and I placed them on YouTube. I received an email from the Inspecting Agency telling me to remove them.

    If you have ever estimated any public infrastructure project, you have seen the instructions to control copies of the plans and to destroy them after you are finished with them. This is for security of the infrastructure. The same applies to photos or videos of the work in progress. That is a partial line already drawn.

    Google purchases and uses the ultimate “drone” pictures from satellites and anything or person in public view is fair game. You have no ‘expectation of privacy’ when in public view. If your backyard has a privacy fence and it can be viewed from public property, even from a higher altitude, that’s considered in public view.

    If people knew how many times they or their car was photographed in the course of a day, they would be amazed. Especially in certain, larger cities.

    I don’t know where the line should be drawn, but it should be drawn on the use of the photos or videos, not on the cameras or drones themselves.


    1. I just saw this video from TED Talks and I wanted to share it along with my thoughts regarding control of the USE of the pictures and videos, but not to control or limit the advancement and development of drones and their associated technology.


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